Day 2

Day two and already big news! I got my membership number for New York Road Runners today.  Who am I?  I can only run maybe 4 miles max and I’m joining a running club!?  I’m told it’s a good thing and they have many resources.  I hope so or it’s just going to be a vanity thing and I’ll go around telling everyone I’m a member of NYRR and act all cool and start doing runner stretches in front of them but never actually run.

Also sent in my application for Team Boomer.  Once I get the OK from them my fundraising frenzy starts.  I’m on the hook for three grand.  Yikes!

Not only do I have to train myself to run but I have to train myself to wake up early and actually function.  I meant to start that today as well but my alarm went off at 7 and I stayed in bed until 8:30. Oops.  Got some work to do on that.  I did eventually get to the gym and ran 2 miles averaging 12 minute mile.  I know I need to get faster.  Especially if I plan on winning this damn marathon.  I mean why else do it if you’re not going to be the best?  I’m thinking if I can average a ten  minute mile I’ve got a pretty damn good chance of winning this thing. Right?

Well off to bed.  I’ll let you know tomorrow how my attempt at waking up early and getting to the gym goes.

One other thing.  I’m pissed that I just bought a Mac and less than a month later they come out with a new version.  Thanks for giving me a heads up Apple Salesman!  I’ll probably go kick him in his balls tomorrow.  Let you know how that goes as well.

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One Response to Day 2

  1. Your favorite sister says:

    This is so great! You’re an inspiration. Wish I had the guts to contemplate running.
    And you may be joking, but your nephew believes in you! When he saw the blog, he said “wouldn’t that be awesome if Uncle Kevin wins?”I scrolled down in a hurry so he wouldn’t see that F-bomb you threw. Don’t want to tarnish your image in his eyes.

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