Fail Day 3

Fail!  Yes, I know, I said I was going to get up early.  So sue me, I didn’t!  My alarm went off at 7am to pouring rain outside so I took that as a sign that I should go back to sleep for two hours.  I must have needed the rest, thats what I’ll keep telling myself.

I did eventually make it to the gym and did the elliptical machine for 30 minutes then did a workout from Nike Training Club.  It’s a free app from (if you couldn’t tell by the name)Nike. It has a bunch of workouts at different levels and targeting different parts of the body. I figure I should start targeting my legs since I think I’m going to run a marathon and you run with your legs.  See I’m really smart, I understand things about the body like running=leg muscles.  You should check out the app it’s pretty good. And if anyone from Nike is reading this and wants to send me some free gear for promoting their product, feel free I have no objections.  Just make sure it looks cool.  I look freakish enough when I cough on the treadmill the least you can do is make sure I look stylish while coughing.  Oh and I like golfing too so send me a set of Nike clubs as well.  Everyone reading this right now is thinking, “this goddamn blog just turned into a Christmas list. Shut up already Kevin.”  Oh right, sorry guys.  Anyway I’m back at the gym again today.  So you might get super lucky and get an update later tonight.  Now you are thinking “jesus, this kid has no life except this damn blog.” Well, you’re right apparently I don’t, but think about it, you’re reading it what does that say about you.  See what I just did?  I pulled a little psychology. I believe it was Freud who said “pot calling the kettle black.”

OK seriously. Now some physical updates.  I have been coughing more lately.  Lots of plugs coming up.  Plugs are what they sound like, hard little balls that block the small airways.  Hope that means my airways are starting to clear out!  My back is starting to feel stronger and I am becoming less aware of any pain or tenderness with each passing day.  Ugh, so boring writing that stuff,  but it is basically the reason for this blog.  So I’ll suffer through and write it and you can suffer through and read it.

As for that Apple Salesman, lets just say that he won’t be sitting down at work any time soon.  Oh no, not because of anything I did, because they don’t have chairs for employees at the Apple store.  Are you kidding?  I wouldn’t hurt a fly.  Yes I am a solid 150 pounds of pure masculinity but I’m a lover not a fighter.    Thanks for reading.

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