Day 6 tough

Lungs don’t fail me now.  Today was a hard day on the treadmill.  It wasn’t my legs it was my lungs.  Had trouble catching my breath while running.  I did up the speed so I don’t know if that had anything to do with it but it was hard today.  I did manage to stay on for 30 minutes and did a little over 2 1/4 miles.  After treadmill I did some leg strengthening exercises.  I was sucking wind during that too!  Oh well not every day is going to be easy.  It was raining today, so humidity was up and the air was thick(like my mucus) so that may have had something to do with the lung struggles.  After that I went to 52nd st project and helped out with their dance program.  Yes folks I’m back in the dance studio. Feels kind of nice to be moving to music again.  Now that I look back it was a pretty active day.  F -you CF I can still be active even when you clog my lungs!!

It is slowly starting to get warmer here in NY.  I have a feeling I’ll be running outside in the next week or so.  Uh oh time to get a cool GPS watch.

Oh, I saw Team Boomer is holding a 10k in Central Park in July.  Think I’m doing it. Hope to have run at least a 5k race before that.  I’ll have to take advantage of my awesome NYRR membership and enter one.

We’ll see how my lungs feel tomorrow and if I can get to at least three miles.  Until then..

Thanks for reading.

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2 Responses to Day 6 tough

  1. bearrunner says:

    Wow, that sounds tough.. Good work slugging it out. no run is easy on the treadmill.. It will get easier!


  2. Treasure's Biggest Fan says:

    It sounds like you are making great progress. That’s impressive that you doubled your run time. Let me know if you decide on a 5K or 10K. The marathon overwhelms me but I’ve done a 5K before and if you’re willing to try a 10K I should suck it up and do one too.

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