Day 7

Wow it’s been a week since I started this blog. That was fast!  I actually feel my body starting to change a bit.  I’m still coughing up plugs which is great.  It gives me hope that my lungs are clearing out and that perhaps my lung functions will go up.  I was thinking that I wouldn’t post today because nothing really great happened but I just saw a show tonight and there was a line that really struck me. I think it is very relevant to what my blog is about. The show was from a Scottish company, Frantic Assembly, and the play was called Beautiful Burnout. It’s a very physical play about boxing. There is a line at the end of the play that goes something like “The body was made to fight. It loves to fight.”  I think about this often with myself.  A lot of the time I feel like my body is fighting or in a war.  I sometimes feel like I can actually feel the war going on in my lungs. I even dream of a war, never any specific war or enemy but a war nevertheless.  I wake up thinking “damn my body must have been fighting something last night.”  Anyway I believe the body was made to fight and it got me thinking about my goal of the marathon.  That I will fight through whatever adversity comes and my body will be there to fight just as hard as I ask it to.  I will accomplish this goal and maybe I need to get a little bit of a fighters mentality to get to the finish line.  Game on!

So now the boring stuff.  Today wasn’t so bad. I did one of Nike’s full body workouts which lasted a half hour. Since it switches from one exercise to the next very quickly it was very aerobic, and seeing as my body is sore, a good muscle workout too. After that I decided I wanted to run a little(very little). I only ran for five minutes but I ran a half mile. Double that and that’s a 10 minute mile. Progress? Maybe!  Well time to do my treatments(ammunition for the body in my war with CF) and go to bed so I can fight another day.

Thanks for reading.

P.S. looks like Treasure Hernandez fans like my blog as much as they like her books.

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3 Responses to Day 7

  1. Halleigh says:

    One of Bernie Siegel’s books (forget which one, but I have a few if you want to read them) describes how he advises his cancer patients to visualize their cancer cells and imagine their body devouring them. I think he even had them draw pictures of the “battle.” So maybe you’re onto something with your battle analogy. Keep fighting.

    CF sucks!

  2. YO Kevin,
    Sorry to hear about the CF war, man. I dig that you’re taking the battle to the streets. I’m going to link your blog to mine, also about running, so my EIGHT followers can get some inspiration from your journey. Lets go for a run sometime. And if you need a soldier for your war, I’m willing to enlist.

    • admin says:

      Hey Jimmie,

      Thanks for the words of encouragement. When I get my miles, stamina up we should definitely go running. I’ll be holding you back right now. I’ll link to your blog as well.

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