Day 8 outdoors

It was warm enough today to attempt my first outdoor run.  I broke away from the confines of the treadmill and took to the streets.  I went into Central Park full of anticipation of how different it was going to be.  Some of my friends who are runners keep telling me it is easier to run outside. Well to all my runner friends who tell me that running outside is easier, I think we have differing opinions on the definition of easier.  If you mean that running outside feels like you are constantly running uphill against the wind, stopping every 150 yards to cough and take a breather and getting passed by everyone and their grandmother, then yes it was very easy!  Holy crap that was hard.  Even when I turned around and thought the wind would be at my back it was blowing in my face.Trust me it wasn’t blowing in my face because I was running at supersonic speeds. That wind changed directions on my ass.  Literally I think grandmothers were passing me today.  Well at least now I know what to expect when I start running outside for real.  I’ll chalk this up to a test run.  My lungs were feeling heavy again today.  Still coughing a ton.  Fight through it I will.  That last sentence was very Yoda like.

So after my run I went to the ATM and the screen was covered in some sort of weird sticky substance.   I thought “how the hell did that get smeared all over the screen?  What in Gods name is it and who put it there? Gross.”  There was a brown tint to it so I’m going to assume it was soda.  Needless to say I didn’t get any cash from that ATM.

Time for bed.  I’m tired.  Physical therapy tomorrow.

Thanks for reading.


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One Response to Day 8 outdoors

  1. Treasure's Biggest Fan says:

    The blog is great. Have you thought about a documentary?

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