Day 9/10/11

Three days crunched into one post.  How lucky are you?  I’ll go in order here.  Day 9 I had physical therapy so I decided to rest and not do any sort of workout. Which is why I didn’t post that day.  My back is still not 100%.  There is still something slightly blocking the movement in the vertebrae.  Hopefully not too much longer and it will be healed.  It is good that it happened now so I can really strengthen not only my back but my core.  That way I can run like the wind come race day!  Also think that my right leg is slightly shorter than my left which may be causing some of the problems I am having.  Going to start wearing a lift in my right shoe to see if that helps.  If it does maybe I’ll pull a Tom Cruise and wear 3 inch lifts in my shoes just so I can be taller.  Forget relieving muscle stress I’ll do it for vanity.  I’ve always wished I was taller.

Day 10: I did a pretty intense leg strengthening workout so I decided that I should give my legs a rest and not run after.  I’m loving this Nike Training App.( Nike reps take note. I’m looking for sponsors. You could be the first one in.) I was also sucking wind after the workout and needed to eat.  So I didn’t really have any actual running updates that day either.  One thing that I definitely noticed the last two days was that my lungs were not feeling great.  Like maybe I was fighting an infection or something.  I was coughing but no plugs were coming up like had been happening regularly.  Every day for the past week I was getting those nasty little fuckers up and out of my lungs.  Not the last two days though.  Which brings me to today. I ran in Central Park today.  Temperature was 60 degrees!  It was hard again to run outside but I was prepared.  I was resigned to the fact that I would have to stop and catch my breath more often than on the treadmill.  Which happened.  A lot!  But whatever, it will eventually get easier…right?! Please tell me it will.  After my workout as I was cooling down I coughed up a big old plug!! Yes!  Which gave me more motivation and inspiration to keep running every day.  Two days no running=no plugs.  One day back running=plugs.  Advantage running.

As I thought about my run on the walk home I realized a few things.  The first thing that occurred to me is that I think it might be better for me to run without music when I’m outside.  It will keep me focused on everything else around me and not be so focused inward and doing mental checks of my body and lungs the whole run.  Then maybe I won’t be so quick to need to catch my breath?  I’ll try it and see.  Another thing I thought about was how I hear runners talking about an “easy 6 miler” or “a quick 4 miles”  WTF?  I can’t wait until I can say that.  It seems so far away right now.

The last thing I realized was how I finished the run.  I started at a crosswalk line on 77th st. in Central Park.  That would be my start and finish line.  I ran the lower loop.  As I came back around and I saw my ‘finish line’ my lungs were burning, but I was determined not to stop to catch my breath so I pushed myself to keep running until I crossed the designated finish line.  “Dammit Kevin just keep running.  You’re almost there.” As I crossed the line a slight grin came to my face.  I felt I had accomplished something.  Even if it took me too long to complete the loop and everyone was again passing me, it was still a tiny goal that I set for myself and I completed it.  So I thought to myself “If I feel so good about this small little goal and crossing that ‘finish line’ I can’t imagine how amazing it will feel when I cross the finish line at the NYC Marathon after running 26.2”  So it looks like this training is going to be a long slow burn.  Small steps and small goals for now.  Bigger things to come.


Thanks for reading.


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2 Responses to Day 9/10/11

  1. Terry Ahearn says:

    Wow. This is an exciting post. And one you, and I, will look back to on November 7th. Your first run in the Park. Your first run on the course. You are already creating mental images about the finish. My first New York this is what I always thought about on each and every training run from start to, literally, the finish. You have your head in the race. Everything else will come. THIS is what it is about. The journey…. Love it.

    PS – and now you can spit whenever you want. I hate running indoors for the very reason that I can’t spit. Got Plugs?

  2. Treasure's Biggest Fan says:

    Other than the plugs this sounds like me introduction to running. Yes, believe it or not, when I started running I was coughing up mucus. Gross! It did eventually work itself out and doesn’t happen anymore. Hopefully you will have the same experience. I also had the run, suck wind, walk, repeat experience. Now that I am more knowledgeable I prefer to think of it as intervals at a walk, jog instead of a jog, run. Funny you should talk about pushing it to the finish line. I find myself doing that but only on race day (wimpy 5K or 5 miler). Last night I had a dream that I was training for the Tough Mudder and did that push to the finish line. I guess that is a good sign for the Mudder.
    Off to my first outdoor run since the fall. Wish me luck.

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