Day 12 Wow

Wow, wow, wow.  What a difference a day makes.  The struggle of yesterday was replaced by ease today.  It’s raining in NY today so was forced to run inside again.  I was feeling tired and lazy this afternoon and really didn’t feel like going to the gym.  I had to convince myself that I could take it easy and just do a little bit to get my muscles and lungs working.  I made it to the gym.  It was crowded for a rainy, gross, late afternoon which didn’t make it any more appealing to be there. On top of that there was no empty treadmill on my usual bank of treadmills.  Another reason not to run.  After a second of pouting to myself about how unfair it was that I couldn’t run on my usual treadmill and how annoying it is when the gym is crowded (especially when you think it’s going to be empty) I went to a different section of the gym and a different treadmill bank.  My plan was to go 2 miles today because I was tired and 2 miles seemed doable. I hopped on, got familiar with the new controls on the machine and began my usual walk/run.  2 minutes walk, 5 minutes run, etc.   When the two minutes were up I cranked up the speed and started the run.  Immediately it felt easier.  I usually cough right away and my lungs feel clogged.  Not today!  My lungs felt clear and it was easy to breathe. “I think I’ll try and run for 8 minutes straight.”  Well, even before I got to 8 minutes I thought I would keep it going to 10 minutes straight.  I don’t know at what point I made the next decision but I thought “hey, I think I might be able to keep going all the way to 20 minutes straight today!”  So I rocked a little trick I see people doing at the gym.  The one where they cover the treadmill control with a towel so they don’t get caught up in counting the seconds.  Damn! That works!  I made it all the way to 20 minutes straight without needing to catch my breath!! Holy crap!  This was huge for me today!  I ran 2 miles in 21:30.  Less than a 12 minutes mile.  I’m pretty happy right now.  Seriously, yesterday I was doubting if I would ever be able to run for more than 10 minutes straight.


Right after I finished and started my cool down I coughed.  There was a woman on a stationary bike in front of me who turned her head around like an owl to look at me.  I was feeling good so I didn’t say anything.  Oh wait, scratch that, reverse it.  I was feeling pretty good so I did say something.  She turned around and I said “yeah, thats right I’m coughing.”  She turned back around.  If she didn’t I was prepared to let her know what I thought about her semi-mullet, lesbian haircut and her man sized calfs.  Hopefully she reads my blog then she’ll know.  Maybe I’ll get cards made with the blog address. Then when things like that happen I can hand the person a card and rail into them on the blog.  I did have a thought for a second that I would go sit on the bike next to her and just start coughing then turn to her with my eyes watering and say “sorry, I’ve got consumption.  Try not to breathe it’s pretty contagious.”  Too much work.  I went and stretched instead.  Lungs feel good, legs feel good.  Good day running.


Thanks for reading.  CF Sucks!



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2 Responses to Day 12 Wow

  1. Treasure Hernandez fan says:

    That’s so funny that you thought about having some type of card to give her. I’ve had the same thought when people glare at me for parking in a handicap space. I can’t decide, though, whether the card would have a link to the CF Foundation or whether it would just say F- You. It’s easiest when you’re on IV, because then you can just gross people out by showing them where the line enters your body. Usually shuts them up.

    CF Sucks.

  2. Jen says:

    to funny Kevin. you already run the same pace as I do on the treadmill and will soon pass me up. I can’t wait for the day that 4 miles becomes an easy run. right now 2 miles is almost easy and three miles still kills me. I always cover the screen with a towel and crank up my music really loud. great comment to the woman on the bike. Keep up the awesome work.

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