Day 14/15

It’s a miracle!  No one has stared at me or looked disgusted at the gym!  Don’t get excited it’s just because I haven’t really run in the last two days.  Tuesday was a rest day for me but I did go to the gym and do some weight training for my back and legs.  Then for cardio I did the rowing machine and stairmaster.  I really took it easy so I didn’t need to cough.  Just wanted to get my lungs working a bit.

Today I again did a workout with lots of squats and lunges.  Figure the days I’m not running I’ll still try and strengthen my legs.  My theory is if my legs are super strong it will make it easier on my lungs.  I hope I’m right.  I tried to run afterward but my hamstring started tightening up immediately so I thought it better to give it a rest.  No need to push it so early.  Or should I?  Suggestions anyone?

Lungs were feeling a bit clogged the past two days.  I coughed a lot while doing my vest which is good.  Get it up, get it out.  I’m hoping that since I’m running this is stuff that has been down there a while.  Fingers crossed.  For those of you who don’t know what the vest is, it is just that.  It is a vest that I put on, then hook it up to this huge machine that inflates the vest so it fits snug around my chest then makes it vibrate to loosen the mucus.  I do that for a total of 30 minutes twice a day.  Kind of sucks because I can’t really move while I’m doing it.  I’m stuck just sitting there vibrating.  You should hear me talk while I’m “vesting” It’s very entertaining.

Thats it. Back to running tomorrow.  Lets hope I can go another 25 minutes straight!  I’ll be pushing myself to do it.

CF Sucks!

Thanks for reading.

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One Response to Day 14/15

  1. Chuck Belisle says:

    Kevin, have you got a steam room available where you work out? If so, I believe it would be good for your lungs and relieve some of your congestion. It would loosen up the mucus and you would breath much better. It might help or it might not. just a thought.

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