Day 16-20 out of sync

Home sweet home!  I have been away since my last post.  I was in Houston TX to be exact.  The weather was beautiful so I got a few chances to run outside.  I have no idea how far or fast I am running outside right now, but it feels like I am running at a snails pace.  Seriously, I think a newborn could pass me.  Looks like it’s time to buy a Garmin so I can track distance and pace.

Houston was great to run in because it is so flat.  I was running in a subdivision and let me tell you all the houses look the same.  At one point I was running down a street and thought I had seen a house the day before but then realized that I was in a completely different neighborhood.  I was busy down there with family and a wedding so I didn’t get to work out or run as much as I wanted but I managed to fit in a little bit.  I squeezed in 30 minutes on a stationary bike one day and only ran outside for 10 minutes the next.  The last day I was there I was feeling guilty that I had neglected my training so I was determined to get out and run.  Lots of southern food and alcohol.  I really didn’t think I was going to be able to do much but I did another 25 minutes!  I did a loop in the neighborhood and when I got back to the house it had only been 15 minutes so I decided to keep running to 25.  Hell yeah!  Did it!  I was kinda proud since I hadn’t really done much for the previous 4 days.  I’m finding that it is a struggle the first five minutes and I cough a lot then after I get into a rhythm and cough less.  It was cool to be out running with no one around.  Here in the city when I run outside there are so many people.  I liked the solitude when I ran down there.

Today I went to the gym and did a Nike workout for 30 minutes then ran a 10:30 mile.  I got a little nervous today.  Some self doubt creeped in.  I hope to hell I can do this.  Only working out 30 minutes and then only doing a mile run and I felt I was really pushing it toward the end.  Can I really do 26.2?  Maybe I need more of a focused game plan even this early in the game.  I’m going to the gym with no real plan, I just kind of wing it when I get there.  Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do? I know the “real”training doesn’t start until around June but I’m scared I won’t be ready for it.  Should my plan be to just stay on the treadmill or run outside for a specific time no matter how far I go? Or should I focus on distance no matter how fast?  Shit I’m getting nervous!  What ratio of strength training to running should I do?  Oh boy, this is starting to hit me how big a challenge I have taken on.  I hope to God this at least helps my health and improves my lung functions a bit.

CF Sucks!

Thanks for reading.

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4 Responses to Day 16-20 out of sync

  1. Treasure's Biggest Fan says:

    I’ve never attempted a marathon and I understand your hesitation. You’ve got an early start on training so by the time Nov. rolls around you should be ready. Have you tried to contact anyone with CF who has run a marathon? They should be a great source of info. There was a brief piece in a recent Runners World about someone with CF who runs marathons. My advice is to make your goal just to finish. Then there is no pressure to keep a certain pace or even run the whole thing. That is my strategy with the Tough Mudder.

  2. Hey Kevin, Since the marathon is such a distance, my (take it for what it’s worth) advice would be to focus on distance, or time on your feet even, and not worry about time per mile. Take your walk breaks when you need to, but realistically you’ll be out there for 5-6 hours for the marathon and your body needs to get used to that.
    You’re doing great!

  3. Terry Ahearn says:

    Here is the pre-training plan:

    Goal – ideally, you will have a 20 mile per week base when you starting training for the actual race. The 20 mile base can be walking or slow running or running. Point is, get miles on your legs (actual training will be all about this as well). You should also spend time building strength in three core areas – butt, hamstrings, upper-back. Guys tend to neglect these areas opting, instead, for curls and chest presses.

    Workout – this can be tailored many different ways (5 days, 6 days, 3 days). RESTING IS PART OF TRAINING. A sample schedule could look like this:

    Sun – hamstring and butt strength training (Nike should have some exercises); 3 mile fast-paced walk;
    Mon – REST
    Tues – 4 mile fast-paced walk mixed w/ slow running;
    Wed – Upper-back strength training; 3 mile fast-paced walk
    Thurs – REST
    Fri – Hamstring and Butt strength training; ride the bike (4 miles on bike = 1 mile running), this is cross training, very important (you could also swim, climb stairs, etc.)
    Sat – Upper-back strength training; 4 mile fast-paced walk mixed w/slow running

    IMPORTANT: you should build mileage SLOWLY, adding only 10% of your total mileage the week before. In the schedule above (14 mile week), you might start w/ less mileage and 10% each week until you are at 20 mile base a couple of weeks before you start training. Also, consult the NYRR and Team Boomer for pre-training plans.


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