Day 21 back on track

I’m tired.  Today was a good day.  After my day of doubt yesterday I was determined to push it today.  Well it worked.  Thanks to my new game plan I got from my friend/inspiration Terry, I went to the gym with focus and a purpose.  He responded to my question/plea for help with a weekly workout schedule.  Just what I needed.  Well today called for going for 4 miles however you get there.  Walk or run.

I started out running straight for 3 miles!! Yes you read that right I ran 3 miles without slowing down or taking a walk break.  First time ever, and the longest distance I have ever run continuously.  Walked for a few minutes then I pushed it and finished out to 4 miles.  I did 4 miles in 43:30.  Damn I was happy after that!  My legs were tight, particularly my I-T bands.  I was worn afterward but pumped up.  I’m feeling super tired now.  Sleep good tonight.

As for my lungs.  They were feeling pretty good today.  I didn’t cough as much at the beginning or throughout the run.  At one point I started to cough and it wouldn’t stop.  Yeah! I felt really cool. Finally I realized why I was coughing.  I needed to get up a plug.  Once that black, airway clogging, hard little piece of nastiness came out it felt like heaven.  My lungs felt open and I don’t think I coughed the rest of the run.

So now my question is: why was today better than others for my lungs?  I did my vest about an hour before I went to the gym so that cleared some.  So is that the reason?   The other question I asked myself while running was “When I start to do early morning runs, do I do all my meds before?  Will that make a difference?”  I know it will make a difference in the time I need to get up.  (an extra hour earlier!) Time to tap into the CF community and ask some runners with CF how they deal with that.  I’ll also start experimenting with the vest before and see if it makes a difference.  Maybe today was just one of those “good” days.  So I’m happy and I can say I did one of those “easy 4 milers” that I hear runners talking about.  Pretty cool.

CF Sucks!

Thanks for reading.

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One Response to Day 21 back on track

  1. Terry Ahearn says:

    Right on. Start reading books about the race. Rent DVDs about marathons – there are excellent documentaries about Boston and Chicago. Go stand outside Tavern on the Green and feel the finish. Walk down to Columbus Circle and run to the finish.

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