Day 22-23 Central Park Again

So yesterday was my rest day. No running, no working out. I have to admit I felt a little guilty. I thought my body was going to be sore after my 4 miles the day before, but it felt fine. I went and got a massage and saw a chiropractor. It’s been years since I saw a chiropractor and he cracked my back like crazy. It literally sounded fake, like a crunching sound. If I heard that sound in a movie I would not believe it. Every once in a while I guess it’s OK to get an adjustment, but I am very skeptical of chiropractors. Probably won’t be seeing one again for a long time.

Today was a gorgeous day in NYC so I got to run in the park again. I didn’t get out until 5pm but it was still in the 70’s. There wasn’t as many runners out as I thought there would be. As I ran around the lower loop I figured the reason why is at that time the park is open to cars. So you are running right next to taxis and cars and breathing their exhaust. Not ideal if you ask me. I’ll try and avoid those times from now on. As far as my body, I took it slow and the run was easier than last time. I made it about halfway around before I had to take a walk break. I think soon I’ll be able to do it without walking. That will be a fun day. The worst part of the run was that I was coughing blood. YAY! I love when that happens. Then scarring happens in the lungs and that can’t be reversed. At least with mucus clogging the lungs you can do something to try and get it up and unclog the airways. With scarring, once you have scarred that’s it, if it is so bad that it is blocking the airway, too bad. “Hey airway, it was nice knowing you. Thanks for all the years of good service. Now you’re blocked and useless.” Anyway I was happy today that running in Central Park was easier than last time. Even if I was still getting passed by everyone. My box score for today was, Runners I passed=0, Runners who passed me=every other runner in Central Park. Seriously, it was crazy. Oh well, they’re all probably sprinting to get past me because they see me spitting or hear me coughing from a mile away. I’m cool.

CF Sucks!

Thanks For Reading.

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2 Responses to Day 22-23 Central Park Again

  1. Wendy says:

    I love rest days!

  2. denis mchugh says:

    Go bud – I am proud of you. I am in town next week and will pass you the GU

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