Day 26-27

Yesterday was a rest day so I did absolutely nothing. I thought about going to the gym and doing some core work and stretching, but figured if I was at the gym I would guilt myself into doing more. So I did nothing. Let me tell you, I don’t know if that had anything to do with how good today went, but today was great!

I went to the park in the afternoon and set out to run the lower loop twice. Hearing the advice of everyone in my head “don’t worry if you have to walk just stay out there and do distance.” So thats what I did. It was cool in the park today, temperature wise and scenery wise. There weren’t many people in the park today so I could really focus in on the people that were there. I ran by the set of the TV show 30 Rock, and some other little show that looked like a TV host talking about the park. I ran by the pedi-cabs and heard them telling their passengers stories about different attractions in the park. It sounded today that most of the pedi-cab drivers were Russian. I noticed the trees starting to bud and the flowers starting to bloom. Spring can’t get here soon enough. (possible snow tomorrow?!)

If you can’t tell by now, I wasn’t really thinking too much about running. I got into a “zone” a few times today and forgot that I was actually running (First time that has happened). I set little goals for myself throughout and accomplished them all!! In fact it went so well today I made it around the lower loop twice without having to take a walk break!! YES!! I ran the whole two loops. I was so happy after my run today. My lungs felt so good and unlabored to the point that I felt I could have run longer. That is the first time I have ever had that feeling. Usually I am struggling and laboring to make it to the end. Not today! I wasn’t really panting at the finish like usual.

I’m not sure why this happens and some days are so much beter than others, but I’ll take it. Hardly coughed at all out there today and when I did it wasn’t the normal hacking that I do when I run. Why can’t it always be like that? It was so nice not to cough so violently today. Whatever. Today was very good and gave me hope.

Thank you to everyone for all your suggestions and support.

CF Sucks!

Thanks for reading.

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2 Responses to Day 26-27

  1. Terry Ahearn says:

    Yes! I just had a vision – it was the night after the race and we were reflecting back on the journey. And one of the major benchmarks was today – Day 26-27. You found the zone. You connected with nature. You conquered CF. You ran….

  2. Wendy says:

    Take it! Definitely take it! Great job Kevin, love hearing your stories.

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