Day 28

Rain/sleet/snow mix today in NYC. Not a good day to run outside. It actually started to thunder tonight while it sleeted. Gross. Spring can’t come fast enough. I feel like I’ve been stuck in winter for about a year. We get it Mother Nature, you are powerful and can do whatever you want, but seriously cut us some slack here in the Northeast. Come on already, enough is enough!

OK on to my running for today. Since the weather sucked I hit the gym. I went earlier than normal so the gym was nice and empty. Stretched, got on the treadmill and damn if I didn’t run 3 miles without having to walk! Two days in a row of good steady running. I ran at a 10:30 pace and then bumped it up the last quarter mile to finish at a 9 minute pace. Yes running on the treadmill seems easier than outdoors but I would rather run outside. It’s easier to distract your mind when outside. My lungs felt pretty good. Not as clear as yesterday and I felt like I coughed a bit more today, but certainly less than what my usual has been so far. Also not as violent as usual. I’m actually not sure if I really was coughing more today than yesterday or if I was just more aware because I was indoors. Either way I still felt good. Lets hope this becomes a trend. Maybe I’ve hit a point where I won’t be coughing as much when I run. I won’t hold my breath on that wish. Pun intended. Anyway, after my “easy 3 miler” I did some upper back and core strengthening. I felt strong all around today.

It’s pretty crazy how up and down this process has been and I’ve only just begun. I am in for a wild ride I think. A lot of challenges ahead and I’m ready to take them on. I’ll deal with whatever comes my way and get through it. Just push through and keep going. I need to use more of this atti-tude in my everyday life.

CF Sucks!

Thanks for reading.

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One Response to Day 28

  1. Wendy says:

    Ha! You are a runner! Yes! “Easy threes” are now just that and you can have confidence to continue building. Believe it…it’s real, it’s marathon season baby! Go Runner! So cool! xoxoxo, W

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