Day 35

Still on a high from my great news yesterday.  It has been 4 months since I was last on IV antibiotics.  The last few years the pattern has become about every six months I need to go on IV’s.  My symptoms are increased cough, decrease in lung function and loss of energy due to an infection in my lungs.  Usually around this time I start to feel my lungs starting to get worse and I cough more.  That however is not the case this time.  In one month of dedicated running I have reversed that and actually increased lung function.

So again bolstered by this I went running.  Today I ran along the river down the west side highway.  I had to go to the 52nd st Project so I decided to run.  I mapped it out on mapmyrun and it was just over two miles. Into the wind the whole way!  It was a tough two miles but I did it.  I was planning on riding the subway home but instead I ran home.  I ran from 54th up into Central Park and home.  I ran in the direction that the marathon goes and right past the finish line.  I got excited thinking how much different it is going to feel months from now after all the grueling training and then the actual 26.2.  It was a cool exercise in visualization.  I will hold on to that vision throughout the training. I just hope it is a little bit warmer on race day than it was today.  This along with an upper back strength workout has me tired. Off to bed.

CF Sucks!

Thanks for reading.

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