Day 36-40 set back/ouch

A good way to undo all the hard work you have put in is to take a 4 day trip to New Orleans.  So two days after my great news at the doctor I took a four day weekend with five great friends to New Orleans.  Let me tell you that drinking copious amounts of alcohol, eating tons of heavy, mostly fried food and not sleeping much is not the answer to making your lungs clear or increasing your running distance.  But it is the answer to a hell of a fun trip!  I loved New Orleans.  I ate like a king.  The people were so friendly and charming.  The history, energy and architecture are inspiring.  It is a great city with fabulous food and excellent music.  And I am so lucky to have been there with my hilarious friends.  I might not have worked out but my stomach muscles got worked from laughing so much. If you haven’t guessed by now I had fun.


I did manage to run one morning before the days debauchery began.  My run took me through the French Quarter and along the Mississippi River.  It wasn’t the longest of runs but it felt great.

Today, even though I felt like sleeping I forced myself to go for a run in the park.  I wanted to do the lower loop twice.  That didn’t happen. I made it around once and my lungs were burning and my legs felt tight and heavy.  The lungs were feeling more congested after my weekend which made it very hard to run.  Lets hope I didn’t do any permanent damage.  I dont think so because they are feeling more clear as I write this.  Just needed to go and push  them to clear them out.  I was really sucking air at the end of the run.  To the point where I couldn’t speak and needed a while to catch my breath.  It was probably because I sprinted the last 250 yards.  Running that fast was fun.  I don’t know how the elite runners can do that for an entire marathon.  I just hope I can finish the damn race.  Well, time for me to catch up on some much needed rest so I can get back on my training schedule.

CF Sucks!

Thanks for reading.

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2 Responses to Day 36-40 set back/ouch

  1. Jen says:

    sounds like a great trip. Too bad living life that way wrecks havoc on the running. My workouts suck if I don’t get enough protein which is tough as a vegetarian. Keep up the awesome work. I sure you will recover from vacation in no time.

  2. DottieD says:

    Make sure you have a seat for me, too!

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