Day 41


Ugh.  Another frustrating day where I question if I’m going to be able to do this.  I’m starting to question if I’m going to be able to finish the 4 miler at the end of this month. Gross.  Yesterday was a gross day all around.  It was cold and rainy, I was tired all day and my lungs felt like shit.  I just couldn’t seem to get going.  I really hope I can bounce back.  I again had to force myself to get into the gym instead of going to sleep.  The minute I got on the treadmill I could feel my legs heavy and my lungs heavier.  Tried to run at my normal pace but couldn’t.  Walked a lot last night.  Just couldn’t break through the initial wall.  Neither my lungs or my legs opened up and relaxed.  Forced myself to stay on for 35 minutes and managed to get to 2.6 miles.  Tough day.

Oh and to the guy who changed the channel on the TV without asking….F-You.  Two and a Half Men rerun!? really? This isn’t your personal gym, you might want to check and see if anyone else is watching before you go ahead and change the channel.  It’s called common courtesy you douche.  That was my excuse to stop running.  As you can see I was in a bad mood yesterday.  Oh, I’m writing this the next day, guess I’m still in a mood.  Well I’m off to try and run out my frustrations.  I hope it’s better than yesterday.

CF Sucks!

Thanks for reading.

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