Day 42/43

Today was a rest day.  Ahhhhh.  Well I couldn’t really rest. I felt guilty about my decadent weekend so I did some strength training.  Still feel like I undid all my progress from before the trip.  Hmmm maybe I’m feeling some catholic guilt?

Yesterday I ran in the park again.  It was windy! Went a different route.  From W77th around the lower loop up to E84th then across and back down to W77th.  I have no idea how far that is but I figure a little over 2 miles. Maybe?  My lungs weren’t as bad as the day before but still not great.  I’m coughing up some plugs the last two days which is good.  Hopefully my lungs are getting even less congested.  Legs were definitely feeling better.  Stronger and not sore.  The bad part was the blood I was coughing last night.  Not much, but still it sucks to see.  Pretty demoralizing.  I hope I can get back to that easy feeling when I run again.  Right now I’m feeling like I am laboring to breathe and I’m not able to take full deep breaths.  Even though during the day my lungs still feel okay.

I saw some things in the park that I had never seen before. Like the panther statue that is perched atop a boulder looking like it is about to pounce.  Or the sign on top of the YMCA building.  I’ll have to start taking some pictures.

Tomorrow I will try out the app for my Iphone from mapmyrun.  It uses the phones GPS to track distance, pace and time.  Looking forward to playing with my new toy.  Hope it works.  Hope I can do this 4 mile race in a few weeks.

CF Sucks!

Thanks for reading.


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