Day 44/Enough

I’ve had enough of coughing! I’m sick of it!  More blood tonight, really? Come on, give me a break.  Last week was so positive, what the hell is happening?  I stopped taking inhaled antibiotics last week because I’m about to do a study and they needed my body clear of any antibiotics.  I’m wondering if that isn’t the reason for the sudden increase in coughing and blood.  Ugh!  I’m really tired of having to think and worry about this nonsense.

OK enough venting.  I got that off my chest.  Now some running news. I went out into the chilly air of NYC(Is Spring ever coming?) and tried the mapmyrun app.  My plan was to run the 4 mile route of the race I’m running on the 23rd.  That way I figured I could test and see if the GPS was accurate.  Well it is accurate.  I know because I did the whole 4 miles, hills and all.  Damn it seemed like a lot of hills.  Needed to stop and walk a few times but I finished in 46 minutes.  Coughed almost the whole way. blah.  But I pushed myself and finished.  At least I know I’ll be able to do it in a few weeks.  Not feeling as free and easy as last week but I’ll push through and get back there.  Fingers crossed.

One more thing.  People who smoke can suck it.  They have perfectly healthy lungs that they willfully and knowingly destroy.  I would give anything to know what it feels like to have my full lung capacity. To take full breaths.  I might feel like I have more energy.  Who knows?  Anyway, smokers come on, wake up.  Stop already.

Can you tell I’m agitated tonight?  Hmmm wonder what could be the problem?  Blood?  Enough!

CF Sucks!

Thanks for reading.

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One Response to Day 44/Enough

  1. Martha says:

    Wow. CF does suck.
    I can totally relate.
    Glad you pushed through it, though. It will get better.
    Take some vitamin K for the blood.

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