Bloody Bloody 3.3

Today was a tough day to run for me.  It wasn’t raining so I got the chance to get to the park.  I started at my usual starting line at w77th st and headed down and around the Central Park lake.  Immediately I began to cough ad proceeded to cough for the first two miles.  It was bad enough that I coughed but to make it worse I coughed blood.  Yes the first two miles I was coughing blood. Yay!  It feels really cool and sexy to be coughing blood.  I wanted to give up but I got to a flat part of the run and where I was planning to turn back I kept going forward.  I made it around to E96th st before I turned for home.

During the run as I was coughing up lovely red blood I was wondering how different it would feel if I had full lung capacity.  Would it be easier?  Would it be more fun?  Because I’ll tell you what, today was no fun.  It is a real mind fuck when you see blood.  I felt like I couldn’t take full breaths.  Whether that was the case or I was just thinking it because I saw blood I have no idea.  Either way it sucked.  It also sucks because I feel fine.  Usually if I cough blood I half expect it because I’m not feeling 100% but I’m feeling pretty good. I guess that’s why Cf is so exciting, you never know how your lungs will be from day to day.

Well at least I pushed through and ran for a bloodless mile at the end.

Hopefully this will be an isolated incident and no more blood for a while.

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Thanks for reading.

CF Sucks!

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2 Responses to Bloody Bloody 3.3

  1. Martha says:

    Um, I’m sorry, did you say you were coughing blood and you KEPT RUNNING??? You’re a stronger person than I am, because I would have turned around, walked home, and gotten into bed. I really hate CF.

  2. Terry Ahearn says:

    This is an interesting development. Hard runs, inability to get the breathing right, coughing – all things that many, if not all, runners deal with when preparing for an endurance race. Of course the big concern (the real medical concern) for you is whether the blood means something more serious that if not dealt with could lead to a complete halt to your training. But you have some of the best CF professional to deal with those issues. The more interesting, indeed insightful and remarkable, thing to me is that YOU KEPT GOING. You kept going. You kept going. It underscores the most fundamental characteristic of a person who is ready, willing and able to endure – mental toughness. Marathons aren’t easy for anyone, much less someone who is running with a lung (or two) tied behind their back. No matter what your physical state, your body will always try to get you to stop. But your mind will keep you going. On this run, with all the serious physical issues, you kept going. You are running from your soul. You are running outside of your disease. You are running in spite of your disease. You are running in opposition to your disease. And I, and many others, are running with you, for you and because of you. You are inspiring me to dig a little deeper, push a little harder. I kept your journey in my mind on every single run or workout. Go runner!

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