Long weekend

This past weekend was a long one.  My niece is going to a camp in Bar Harbor Maine and I drove her from NYC all the way up there.  We split the trip and stopped in MA overnight and visited with my parents on Friday.  While in MA we went  to REI with my mother to get some last minute supplies for my niece.  Well, while there I was looking at the Garmin watches that they had.  As luck would have it they were having a sale on them.  My amazing mother bought me one as an early birthday present!  Thanks Mom!  So like a kid on Christmas morning I woke early Saturday morning and went for a run to test out my new toy.  Fun.  It was a short 2.25 miles.  I struggled but forced myself not to stop.  After the run I showered and hopped in the car for the 5 hour drive north to Bar Harbor.  After dropping my niece and making sure she was settled in I decided it best to just drive the 5 hours back to MA.  Can you say exhausted after that trip?  I awoke the next morning, got ready and with a singular focus of my home and own bed I drove the 4 hours back to NY.  Coughing the whole way.

My lungs are feeling awful lately.  My energy is zero, my appetite is zero and my lungs feel tight.  I think it may be time for IV antibiotics.  Crap!  The middle of hot summer is not a fun time to have an IV sticking out of your arm.  I still don’t have any insurance but am told that my new policy will be up and running on Friday.  If that is so I expect to get a PICC line inserted that day and start my meds immediately.  Although IV’s suck I know how much better I feel after I am through with the course.  Usually 2-3 weeks.  Which means I will be running the 10k on July 9th with a stupid PICC in my arm.  Uncomfortable to say the least.

As I said my energy is crap but tonight I forced myself to go for a run and it felt great.  I did 3.18 miles and only stopped to walk once.  My plan was to only do 2 miles but I was feeling so good I pushed it to 3.  The hills seemed easier than they have in a while and my pace was a little faster.  Tonight was a nice surprise and a bit of a moral boost.

Got an email from Team Boomer today and my coach will be sending a training schedule to start in mid July.  Hopefully it will be just around the time I am finishing up my IV.  Marathon season is here.  The park is full of runners and running clubs.

To donate to Team Boomer, fight Cystic Fibrosis and help me make my fundraising goal you can go to  http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/kevindwyer/2011INGNYCMarathon

Thanks for reading.

CF Sucks!

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