Extended IV Fun

I thought this post was going to announce the start of my 16 week training program and the removal of my PICC, but alas it is not.  Yes, my training started bright and early this morning with an easy 2 1/2 mile run in the heat and humidity.  NYC, as is most of the country, in the middle of an oppressive heat wave.  Kept it short and sweet for the first day.  I am excited, scared, nervous and determined for the challenge of training. Still had my PICC this morning but was going to the doctor later in the day to get it removed-hopefully.  My two week course of IV was up.  I am feeling better, more energy, bigger appetite, less coughing so I was hoping that my Pulmonary Function Test (PFT) would represent that.  Well, the numbers were up from when I was feeling bad two weeks ago but not up enough to confidently declare a victory.  Small airways at 50%, full capacity at 73%.  So I am stuck with this stupid PICC until next Tuesday.  I will still follow my training schedule and just make sure to change the dressing everyday to prevent another nasty rash.  I have seen the nurses do it enough over the years that I think I’m capable of doing it myself at this point.  Just don’t get anything in the insertion hole and I’ll be good to go.  Oh well, I was hoping to go swimming this weekend.  Have to postpone that for a little while longer.  Everyone enjoy the heat!  Stay hydrated and be glad you don’t have your arm wrapped in plastic.

To donate to Team Boomer, fight Cystic Fibrosis and help me make my fundraising goal you can go to  http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/kevindwyer/2011INGNYCMarathon

Thanks for reading.

CF Sucks!


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One Response to Extended IV Fun

  1. Terry Ahearn says:

    Don’t forget that you can do many of these training runs on a treadmill in the air-conditioned gym. If you set the incline at 1%, this closely mimics outdoor running. This will spare you the oppressive heat and will take some pressure off the legs. I find the treadmill boring after a few miles but I still incorporate it into my training to rest my legs and to keep cool. I did my entire 8 mile speed workout on one the other night just because I was feeling a little sore. Go runner.

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