I’m Free!

Ahhhhhh! My PICC was removed today after three long weeks.  I feel like a whole person again. There is no better feeling than taking that first shower after finishing up IV.  Euphoria.   No more wrapping my left arm in plastic wrap to protect the area and keep it dry.  No more holding my arm in the air out of the water so it doesn’t get wet.  I can finally take a real shower again and let the water hit every part of my body without worry.  I never appreciate a shower so much as I do right after IV.  Now I can deal with the rash and apply the necessary creams to help it heal.  The other little perk I get back is being able to sleep on my left side.  Hopefully a night of uninterrupted sleep awaits me tonight.  PICC removal, rest day and heat wave broke.  I call that a Trifecta.  A great day.

I finished my first week of the 16 week regimented training schedule that Team Boomer sent me.  1 week down 15 more until marathon.  My runs for most of the week were indoors but I was forced to run outside yesterday.  Gym’s airconditioning was down.  The heat broke a little bit but it was still extremely humid.  A tough 5 miles.  Looking forward to running tomorrow without the PICC.  I haven’t been this specific about my exercise since the old dancing days.  I like it.  It feels good.

NYRR asked me why I was running the race.  For those of you who may not know this already here was my email to them:

I decided to run the marathon this year while watching the marathon last year.  I never in a million years thought or even wanted to run but after watching my friends complete their second consecutive marathon and cheering on all the other runners I was moved to give it a go.  I have been a spectator at the last two marathons and have been so inspired by all the runners and their determination and focus.  Seeing people running in memory of loved ones, running despite physical disabilities, running for a cause dear to them moved me to tears both years.  The moment I decided that I wanted to run was when I saw a Team Boomer member run by me.  Of course I cried knowing that he was indirectly running for me.  At that moment I decided I wanted to do my part for CF and raise money for a cure.  I wanted to do more than just be a guinea pig in all of the studies that come along.  I made up my mind then and there that I was going to run this year.  

 I am running this marathon to give my lungs the ultimate challenge. To prove that I will not let Cystic Fibrosis stop me from doing anything and to be an inspiration to younger CF patients and their parents.  Showing them that you can do whatever you want and have a productive life despite having CF.

As my friend said to me as encouragement when I was questioning why I was doing this (right before the 10k last saturday) “I am running to raise money for a cure, for one. But more importantly I am running to heal myself.  I am running in the face of my disease.  I am running in spite of my disease.  I am running for healing–Body and soul.”  

The running has helped me already, my PFT’s went up 6% since I started running a few months ago.  

It is going to be a challenge I know but I am ready for any and everything that comes.  Including running with a PICC at the last race.

Good luck to my dad at his check up tomorrow.  I’ll be thinking of you.

To donate to Team Boomer, fight Cystic Fibrosis and help me make my fundraising goal you can go to  http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/kevindwyer/2011INGNYCMarathon

Thanks for reading.

CF Sucks!

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One Response to I’m Free!

  1. Wendy says:

    Another great post, I wasn’t expecting to cry when I woke up this am!
    So glad you’re done with the PICC.
    It takes 5 days to hydrate, so make sure you’re ahead of the game in that heat and humidity.
    Coconut water is by far the best electrolyte replacement.
    Thinking of you and looking forward to sharing your marathon experience in the Fall.
    Keep it up, you’re the inspiration now 😉

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