becoming a runner?

Week two and three are in the books and I started week four yesterday with a 5 mile run.  So lets go back to week two.  For most of the week I was in Arkansas.  If you don’t know, that part of the country is having a major heatwave!  Every day I was there it was over 100 degrees which made it impossible to run outside.  To give you and idea of what I was dealing with there was a day that the local Walgreens sign said Time 8:00PM, Temp 108. There was a local gym in  town so went there to do my workouts.  Now I understand why all my runner friends say it is easier to run outside.  The treadmill is boring, especially when you are at a bare bones gym with two ceiling fans barely moving and two televisions from the 90’s that you can’t hear or see because they are so small. I did think there was one day that I could run outside but it felt like I was running through soup the air was so thick.  While in Arkansas the workouts weren’t as hard or thorough as I would have liked and I missed a day but I fit most of the workouts in.  It’s a lot harder sticking to a schedule when you are not in your element.  It’s also hard when you show up to the gym at 6:30am the last day you are there in order to fit in a workout before your flight and the guy who comes to the door tells you they don’t open until 7am then won’t let you in.  I had to run outside that morning too.  I have no idea how far I ran because I wasn’t wearing my watch so I just ran for 40 minutes.

Week three was very good.  Back home and able to run outside again.  I have started to run 5 miles pretty consistently.  My lungs feel good while I’m running, although right now they feel tight and I’m extremely tired.  I hope this is not a sign of anything going wrong down there.  UGH.  Anyway, my training weeks always end on Sunday with my long runs.  This past Sunday went to the park and ran 7 miles!  I can’t believe I am running that distance.  Never ever ever did I think I would run more than two miles.  The cool thing about running is that it is so hard while you are doing it and there are so many points along the way that you want to stop but you push through and when it is finished it feels so damn great.  I get so happy and proud when I accomplish a distance that I have never run before.  It’s never fun until it is over then I look back and think ‘that was fun’.

While doing the 7 miles there was a triathlon finishing up in Central Park.  It was the last leg so they were all finishing up with a 6 mile run around the park.  I have to tell you watching those people who had already swam and biked was inspiring.  Some of those people were flying!  I have to agree with one of the spectators cheering the runners on who said “you’re a triathlete.  Thats badass!”  Badass indeed.  Besides running for 7 miles the other cool thing about Sunday was when I checked my watch at 6.2 miles and it was 5 minutes faster than my time for the previous 10k race.  I ran the Run To Breathe race in 1:14, my time on Sunday was 1:09.  That put a smile on my face for the final push to 7 miles.

It’s funny how your body learns and knows what it is supposed to do.  When it is time to run my body is starting to respond right away.  Lets just keep our fingers crossed that it stays healthy and my lungs stay clear.

One last thing.  My birthday was last week.  I am still living, still breathing at the old age of 39.   I have been off IV for a very short time and already starting to cough more. CF is trying its best to beat me but I will fight as long as I can. A telling sign that running is becoming a part of me was that all of my presents were running related. Uh Oh.

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Thanks for reading.

CF Sucks!

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4 Responses to becoming a runner?

  1. Terry says:

    Capillary action delivering O to your mitochondria to distribute your muscles. With each run, with each mile, more distribution centers open up to carry you further and further and further. But none of this can happen without the strength of mind and spirit to push your body through each new obstacle – more miles, heat, closed gyms. And you are doing it. Go Runner!

  2. Wendy says:

    Lucky 7? Love it that your body knows what to do now and you’re getting faster without even trying.
    Way to go Runner!

  3. bobbyd says:

    Farther and faster! Those Kenyans better look over their shoulders in November. HERE COMES KEVIN!!

  4. Jen says:

    Your doing so awesome. I totally get what you mean about outside vs. treadmill. I never thought i would be able to run outside a year ago. Now that I have I prefer it. Even with my music and TV I get bored on the treadmill and have a hard time pushing myself. Outside I can push through my trouble breathing and set a goal to get to a certain landmark then by the time i get there I set a new goal. It’s the hills that are killing me. Keep up the awesome work!!

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