Roadblocks? No, Just a Detour.

Oh the ups and downs of marathon training.  After I triumphantly ran those 7 miles, which feels like ages ago, I mentioned that I started feeling like I might be coming down with something.  Well I think I was right.  My throat started getting scratchy, my sinuses stuffed up, my lungs felt tighter and my mucus darkened and thickened over night.  Oh the fun of CF!  The bad part was that I was taking a trip to Canada at the same time.  Luckily I had the foresight to take along some Levaquin.   After giving it a day or two to see if it would run its course I started with Levaquin.  Right now it seems to be helping.  Mucus is thinning and getting lighter, sinuses are clearing up and throat feels fine.  How gross is this for you to read right now?  I’m actually surprised if you’re still reading at this point.  You are a true friend if you are still reading!  Anyway, it was not easy to keep up the training in Canada for many reasons.  The infection was a big part but being out of my element is a struggle for me to keep any sort of routine. Katie got sick as a dog and couldn’t run at all so I had no one to lean on and motivate me to go out and run.  Lets just say it was a tough trip.  I willed my way to get in a few runs, but they didn’t feel great.  I was struggling to keep a normal breathing pattern which made my legs heavy and the runs unpleasant.  The last day I was there (Monday)I went for a run along the water and felt good.  Lungs felt clear, legs felt good.  About 1.3 miles in my calfs tightened up again!  Bad, like last time.  I was forced to stop and walk home.  Since then I have been riding the bike at the gym, doing leg strengthening and rolling the crap out of my calfs.  They feel better today so this evening I will attempt to run.  A slow, short distance.

Since being home I have doubled my vest to twice a day instead of the normal once a day.  Which seems to be helping since I coughed up a huge plug yesterday.  My Lungs are feeling better but the true test will be this evening when I run again.  A test for my lungs and my calfs.  Wish me luck.

I was getting stressed because it has been such a struggle to keep to the training schedule but my cousin had some words of wisdom.  She said ‘not to get stressed… the hardest part of running the marathon is getting to the starting line. So don’t try and make up for a bad training week…’  Thanks Maureen I will take your advice.  The training seems to be getting harder and harder.  Each week the mileage is going up and I feel like I am fighting to just maintain my body.  Again the doubt creeps in.  Nothing to do but keep at it.

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3 Responses to Roadblocks? No, Just a Detour.

  1. Wendy says:

    I’m still reading… 🙂
    Are you doing a lot of glutes? I mean excercises, I know you already DO a lot of glutes, HA!
    Get them firing so your lower legs (calves) aren’t always taking the brunt. I struggle with calf issues and doing more and more legs especially glutes has helped.
    And yes the training is getting harder but you are getting stronger. There is a method to the madness and you’re right in there! Keep it up!

  2. Jen says:

    You can do it!! You are awesome!! I am with Wendy work on those other muscle groups to take the load off your calves. I had a rough time with them too for awhile. Keep on pushing and you will get to that start line and then all the way to the finish!!

  3. Treasure's Biggest Fan says:

    We all need someone to motivate us in those tough times. I am now regularly running again non-stop thanks to your pep talk about taking it slow. I’m glad to hear you and Katie are both feeling better.

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