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A lot has been happening lately.  Earthquakes, hurricanes, floods.  It has been quite a few weeks.  The weather has been more exciting than my training, that’s for sure.  Since my last post I stopped running because of the calf.  I’ve only been cross-training.  The first week I was just on the bike and doing leg strengthening.  The second week I upgraded to the elliptical with lots of leg weights.  I hate doing cardio at the gym.  It’s boring and I hate coughing in a confined area.  A woman asked me the other day if I was alright after one of my hacking attacks.  I wasn’t mad at her I was more embarrassed and annoyed that I always cough and it is so bad that people feel the need to check on me.  Ugh.  What it must feel like to not cough all the time.

On the advice of my friend I focused on glutes to hopefully take pressure off the calfs.  I started running this past Tuesday, an easy three miles, and focused on using the glutes more.  No problems with the legs and lungs felt pretty good.  I never thought I would say ‘an easy three miles’ …cool.

I had my first team run yesterday.  There were about a dozen of us.  We gathered at Boomer Esiason Foundation offices and ran down the West Side Highway.  The pace was fast for me.  Everyone started out running around a 9 minute mile.  I kept up for a little while but couldn’t stay with them.  I was bringing up the rear with this group.  My pace stayed fast for me and I finished around 4.25 miles in 40 minutes.  The coach answered some of my training questions and had us working on breathing rhythms.  Kind of started to get a rhythm but it is definitely a work in progress.  The fast pace made me cough like crazy.  Couple of big plugs came up at the end.

There is another CF patient running for Team Boomer who has been super helpful to me.  He’s been answering all my questions regarding running and CF. He is a runner, I think he has run 5 marathons.  Finished Pittsburgh in 3:41.  Very impressive!  Definite inspiration to me.  Anyway, he said yesterday that the first few miles of his runs ‘have been colorful lately’.  I love it, I’m stealing that phrase.  My runs are always colorful and yesterday was especially colorful with those plugs.

I was feeling yesterdays run in my legs today, tight and sore, which caused my run today to be very slow.  So slow in fact that I got smoked by some old guy who was running in flat turn out.  No joke the guy was running almost perfectly turned out and he burned past me.  Not only was I jealous he was running faster than me, I was jealous that he had better turn out than me.

Wanted to stop during the run, especially on the downhills, but I pushed on through.  I read somewhere that towards the end of the marathon when running down ‘cat hill’ your thighs are screaming for mercy so I thought of that moment and figured this day would be good training for that moment.  It’s the little things that keep you going out there.

I love running in Central Park.  Now I just need to start doing some long runs.  Ever since that 7 miles I haven’t been able to do any long runs.  I’m gunning for 10 miles soon.  Can’t wait to say I can run 10 miles!

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  1. Wendy says:

    Go Runner!

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