Dumb Lungs

It’s been a tough week.  My lungs are not cooperating this week.  Muscles feel fine, lungs feel crap.  Lot’s of coughing during the runs.  It seems to have gone back to when I first started the training.  Coughing the whole time, not just at the beginning.  I am hoping that it is just the allergies and the rain.  When the air is heavy my lungs like to get congested.  Yes, I am writing as if my lungs have a mind of their own.  Because they do!  I tell them to stop coughing but they just won’t listen.  They insist on being congested and coughing whenever they damn well please.  Like a disobedient child, they need a time out.

Despite the coughing I have added a mile to each of my runs this week.  It has been a challenge to say the least but I have gutted out the miles.  I get angry when my lungs get like this while running.  It is hard enough to start adding these miles and tell yourself that you’ll be able to run the marathon, but when all the coughing throws off my breathing I just get mad.  To the point where I am mad at my lungs, at the training, and the cars driving by.  Ridiculous I know, but you know what, some days I just get sick and tired of coughing uncontrollably and it feels good to channel my anger at a parks department truck.  Besides it’s probably the trucks fault because it is polluting the air with it’s emissions.  The good news is that there is no blood and what is coming up is light.

This past Wednesday was the Team Boomer kick off meeting.  Some of us met at the office while others conference called in.  We went over some race day information and then everyone had a chance to tell their story; who they were and why they were running for Team Boomer.  It was a very emotional evening for me.  I was about the fifth or sixth person to speak.  Well, I attempted to speak.  By the time it came around to me I was already on the verge of tears and the second my mouth opened to speak I started crying. I couldn’t help it.  I was able to blubber out that I had CF and that I thanked everyone for running.  What eloquence!  Everyone has such inspirational stories.  To hear how CF has affected these peoples lives and to see their passion about finding a cure was emotional.  I am humbled by everyone running for Team Boomer.  I know that on race day I will be reminding myself of their stories as I push myself to finish.  Thank you to everyone running for Team Boomer and thank you to everyone who has donated to this cause.

If anything it has been an emotional week to say the least.  After all of the coughing and crying I got a bit of good news this morning.  I will be featured in the ING New York City Marathon Program.   Their PR department passed my story along to the editor who emailed me this morning.  Now I have to make it to the race!

Yes, this week has been tough but I will keep on pushing and I will finish the marathon.  My lungs will stop being such a pain in the ass and my runs will be less about the coughing and more about fighting the mental battles.

To donate to Team Boomer, fight Cystic Fibrosis and help me reach my fundraising goal you can go to  http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/kevindwyer/2011INGNYCMarathon

Thanks For Reading.

CF Sucks!

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One Response to Dumb Lungs

  1. bobbyd says:

    Hang in there, Kevin.
    I am so proud of you!

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