keep on keepin’ on

Today starts a new week of training.  The miles get more and more, the race gets closer and closer and self motivation gets harder and harder.  It seems so much easier to not go for a run.  It’s a constant battle and I’m always making compromises with myself.  So with all of this I still push myself, lace on the shoes and go for a run.  Why?  At this point I have forgotten my original reasons.  It has become more.  It’s a journey that is an obsession, a challenge, a goal.  Some unknown force compels me to keep running, keep training.  I picture the finish line to motivate me through the tough times and keep on moving my legs.

During the week my lungs have been congested and the runs have been difficult.  I cough from the start of my runs to the finish. Then come Sunday when I’m scheduled to do my long runs my lungs feel much clearer and my breathing is easier.  I’m not sure if it is a mental thing or what but I won’t complain.  If Sundays are the day that my lungs decide to cooperate then so be it.  Lets just hope they are clear on the first Sunday in November.

I have had two big accomplishments since my last post.  Two days after my last post I had my first.  After a tough week I went out and ran 12 miles!  I wanted to write about it then but since it happened on Sept. 11th it didn’t feel right at the time to brag about a little run.  It felt like there were more important things to focus on.

Yesterday was another big accomplishment.  Ran for 14 miles!  Went from the Upper West Side down the west side highway to Battery Park and back up.  It was really cool to clock distances as I ran through the neighborhoods.  For those that have not been downtown along the water in a while, I say go now.  The city has done an amazing job with the restoration of the west side and the piers.

On to the next week and more training.

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2 Responses to keep on keepin’ on

  1. Terry says:

    Right on. The miles are adding up. You are right on track and in the zone. Congratulations.

  2. Wendy says:

    Go Runner!
    You sound like a runner in training now…
    Different vibe to your posts; you’re confident, as you should be.
    So proud of you!
    You got this!

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