Angry Rambling

I am sick and tired of fucking coughing!  Every run lately has been a struggle.  I am like a traffic light out there.  I’m coughing up red, yellow and green shit from my lungs the entire run.  The past few weeks I have coughed to the point of throwing up at least once a week.  Today while I was doing my 6 miles I actually had to stop twice because I was coughing so hard and threw up both times.  I stood there and thought ‘this sucks!  I hope this doesn’t happen on race day.  How will I deal with that? How embarrassing is that going to be?’  How will I deal with that?  Now as you know I feel really cool when I cough but I feel even cooler when I am on the side of the road in Central Park throwing up as people run by.  I’m surprised I haven’t made any new friends while coughing and throwing up. Weird, seeing that I would expect people to be drawn to me and want to hang out.  Another cool thing about CF are the plugs I cough up.  Two times last week I coughed up huge plugs.  I’m talking the size of extra large peas coming from deep down in my lungs.  So I guess I’m not only coughing red, yellow and green but I’m also coughing black.  I feel as cool as George Clooney when I think about all the really disgusting things CF cause me to do.

I bought some new running shoes today.  I went with the Brooks Glycerin.  I went in intending to buy Asics Nimbus but something didn’t feel right about them.  I’ll give the Brooks a little time to break in but it wasn’t like it was a whole new running experience out there.  In fact my legs seemed to tighten up in new and different places tonight.  Hope that’s just because they are new shoes.  The Black Eyed Peas played a concert in Central Park this evening.  So I heard them while I was running.  It sort of distracted me but I still think they suck and they sounded just as crappy as I expected.  I think it was more the people watching than the music that distracted me.  Luckily all my coughing/heaving was not in front of the crowds.

The other day I was running in the park and there is this one water fountain that I usually stop at.  I always get to it at just about the time that I need to take a salt pill so it is perfectly placed.  It is right behind the Metropolitan Museum of Art at 85th st.  So as I leave the road and walk to the fountain I see a guy with his dog walking towards the fountain as well.  No big deal because like most water fountains in Central Park this one has a built in bowl filled with water for dogs.  Well, this dog lover lets his dog rear back, put his two front paws on the fountain and lick from the spout for humans.  Yes, the dogs tongue was slobbering all over the spout where I was going to take a nice refreshing drink.  ‘Did you say something?’  You ask.  Why yes, yes I did.  As I walked up to the dog lover and his adorable little doggy I said.  “There is a reason they put a dog bowl there.  People don’t want to taste your dogs asshole when they drink from this fountain.”  Dog lover just gave me a cute little grin and quietly walked away with with his best friend in tow.  Needless to say I did not and will not be drinking from that fountain.  I know what you are thinking.  ‘It is New York City, there are probably thousands of germs on those fountains.  Don’t be a baby.’  To that I say “Yes you are right, but I don’t see people licking their asses then putting their tongues all over the spout.”  If I saw a person do something disgusting while using a fountain I would stop using that fountain as well.  So I guess if I don’t see it happen it isn’t happening and I’ll keep drinking.  Just not from the dog fountain.

Anyway, running is hard, coughing sucks and throwing up is the worst.  How in the hell am I going to get through this race?  Actually I know I will get through it. I spoke to my running guru today (Terry) and he is going to help me come up with a strategy for the race.  There will be walks included in this strategy.  So I feel better knowing I will have a plan and not just go out and wing it.  Good luck to Terry who is running the Chicago marathon a week from this Sunday.  He is battling a hip injury but I feel a personal record in his future.

I go for 16 miles on Sunday.   With all the cough breaks and salt pill breaks it’s probably going to take me all day.  Sunrise till sunset.

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CF Sucks!

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2 Responses to Angry Rambling

  1. Terry Ahearn says:

    I have run NYC in celebration. And I have run NYC in suffering. You are going to do the former. A lot of people are going to be there with you and for you. Think of it more as a parade than a race. You have 5 weeks to go. Everything, believe it or not, is right on track. Did you ever think you were going to say “I’m running 16 miles tomorrow.” Crazy. My only advice for you is to not put your mouth on the spout. You don’t need to in order to get the water. That way you won’t taste the dog’s asshole. Go Runner!

  2. Jen says:

    You can do this. I am confident you will do this. Glad you have Terry to guide you and help you come up with a plan. I am cheering for you all the way from Seattle. Get mad, get determined and go do it. I have some of my best runs when I am mad and fed up.

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