Two weeks to go

This morning I did the last ten miles of the marathon.  Started at 60th st and 1st ave, up into the Bronx and back down to Tavern on the Green.  Took it slow and didn’t stop once.  I actually had fun!  Lets hope I am saying that after the marathon.  It is crazy to think that when I started I couldn’t do 1 mile without stopping and now I can do 10 and say it was fun.  Went out with a big group of runners from nyflyers, of course they all took off and left me in the dust.  There was a guy from the running club who followed us on a bike and directed us where to run in the Bronx.  We weren’t the only group out there doing this, several running clubs were doing the same thing.  It calmed me a little bit for the race.  I am still nervous about the time in the village before the race and the waiting in the corral. I want to make sure I have everything I need out there.

So that is the last double digit run I will do until race day.  Was going to d 20 last Wednesday but the weather in NYC was windy and rainy so I scrapped that.  No more long runs, 18 was my max.  Time to take it easy.  From now until race day it is all easy 5-7 miles.  Maybe some interval training thrown in.  Now I just need to focus on conserving and storing energy.  I can’t believe race day is almost here.

If you have been wondering what it looks like when I do my vest, or my inhalants you are in luck.  CBS Morning Show will be doing a feature on me that will air the Monday after the marathon.  I’m certain they will have shots of me doing both.

I am doing a course of oral antibiotics right now (Cipro) to kill any infection that might be brewing so that I am healthy for the race.  I will do it up until race and a few days after.  My main concern now is getting sick after the race because of a depleted immune system.  That would not be good after all of this training.

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4 Responses to Two weeks to go

  1. Jen says:

    Your awesome! So glad to hear you had fun on a 10 miler. Your gonna do just awesome!!!

  2. Wendy Ahearn says:

    Gotta love the taper! Can’t wait to get there and see this accomplishment first-hand!!!
    So rooting for you guys…

  3. deena says:

    Saw your article in the NYRR marathon magazine. What an inspiration! Good luck next weekend!

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